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Openreach: Work Manager Failure

26 July 2011

The Union has been informed of the major outage of the Work Manager system for most of Monday 25 July 2011.

All ten Work Manager machines were not operating at the start of Monday 25 July 2011 due to major system faults with five still not functioning as at 4pm on Monday 25 July. In the regio of 20,000 jobs were scheduled for completion and a significant number of these will have been missed. Openreach are still working on confirming the final numbers.

Openreach will be using all available steps to manage recovery and will work to maintain the integrity of the repair service plan through the period of recovery at the expense of L2C lead-times. The impact on the repair workstack will be significant and also will extend to provision lead times; it is expected that recovery will take a few weeks.


As part of the recovery, Openreach will be seeking the maximum level of volunteers for overtime for the next few weeks. It has been confirmed that this will be voluntary and not contractual. Given that assurance, members should not come under any pressure, but if available, consider volunteering for those occasions when it is possible for them to do so.