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Pensions: RPI to CPI change 'e-petition'

29 August 2011

The National Pensioners Convention are asking for all of its affiliates to back to the ongoing campaign against the Government's decision to weaken both state and occupational pension schemes by switching from the RPI to the CPI.

At the 2011 General Conference Motion 26 following motion (proposed by CWU Retired Members Conference Eastern No5) was carried:

Motion 26

This Conference recognises that it is the best interest of the membership to maintain pension increase orders using the RPI calculation rather than the CPI calculation for pension schemes. It therefore instructs the NEC via the RMAC to use all avenues to secure RPI as the continued calculation for pension increase orders. This to include wide ranging campaigning as is felt necessary to gain a successful conclusion.

If over 100,000 signatories are secured it may force a parliamentary debate on the issue and the chance for further campaigning.

Please sign up and encourage CWU members and their families to support this campaign.