Openreach Service Delivery Transformation

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The CWU Telecoms and Financial Services Executive has been in negotiation with Openreach on Service Delivery Transformation (SDT).


Assurances from the company on job security and the abandonment of Project Beck were based on reaching an agreement on attendance patterns. Since the vote to accept the Attendance Framework in November 2009 Openreach confirmed that Project Beck was no longer a threat to our members in Complex.

The Union is now concentrating on the implimentation of the Attendance Patterns and issues raised over Performance Management.

Service Delivery Transformation 2011/12

The CWU Executive team, along with the CWU's regional contacts, met with Openreach to discuss the dynamics of the market and how these forces were driving the business's strategic thinking. This meeting was extremely useful to the Union's team in understanding how Openreach proposes to re-organise in the coming year, including the changes in priorities.

Openreach iPOP Review - Roll-out

The extensive joint review on the “Productivity on a Page” (iPOP) processes that drew on feedback from Branches and members in constructing a new approach to performance management that was both fair and understandable has now been completed.

Attendance Pattern Excercise - Update

All Preference Exercises (with the exception of Ethernet Provision) in Openreach have been completed.