About Us

About Us

Information on the North Anglia branch of the CWU

CWU - The communications union

We represent around 1700 people in the Northern part of Anglia mainly employed by BT. We also look after the interests of a smaller number of members in other companies.

Nationally the CWU represents around 300,000 people organised in more than 180 branches. The CWU is the largest and fastest growing union in the communications and information technology industries. It represents engineering, clerical, secretarial, computing, retail, telephonist and postal grades in BT, the Post Office, Girobank and over 100 other companies.


As the Union for workers in the UK telecommunications and information services industry the CWU is committed to recruiting, organising and representing the telecoms and information services workforce.

Of the many thousands of telecoms and information services companies operating in the UK, some provide comparatively good levels of pay and employee protection, and some offer no more than the bare legal minimum.

Whatever the level of treatment, there is always room to improve the working lives of telecoms and information services workers by focusing on a whole range of issues from pay and pensions to work life balance and career development opportunities.

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National Contact

If you want to be part of the union then it's simple to join. You can get more information about joining the CWU or you can contact the CWU Organising Department on our free number 0800 731 7434 or email joinunion@cwu.org. Alternatively you can write to the CWU at:

150 The Broadway,
SW19 1RX.
Telephone (020) 8921 7239