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CWU Rejects BT’s Pay Offer

1 April 2014

The CWU met with BT last week to pursue the Union’s claim for an increase of 3% plus £500 which would be fully consolidated and pensionable and again reiterated our case. In response the company stated that there was no justification for this level of increase set against the measures and data which they had presented to our pay team.

BT Group - Pay 2014

BT have now written to the Union making an formal offer which they claim “is reflective of the data which has been shared including the current level of settlements and Team Member rates of pay compared to the external market”.

The offer which they have termed “fair” is as follows:

  • A fully consolidated 2.0% base pay award for the Team Member population who are NewGRID grades and Loyalty Advisors agents;
  • The Company is open to discussions on the construct of this award, for example a flat-rate percentage award or a fixed amount, or a combination of both these approaches;
  • A 2.0% increase to those allowances automatically uplifted in line with the NewGRID agreement;
  • In addition, we would want to discuss further a non-consolidated flat rate ‘sharing in success’ payment for all Team Members who are NewGRID grades and Loyalty Advisors agents.

With RPI inflation currently at 2.7% and forecast to stay around that figure throughout 2014, the CWU Pay Team have rejected the offer on the basis that it represents a real terms cut in pay for team members and does not reflect:

  • The considerable contribution, commitment and flexibility made by CWU members in helping BT to succeed in a competitive market;
  • BT’s solid financial performance including growth in profits, revenue and free cash flow.

This offer clearly signals to us how little BT senior management value CWU members and the roles they perform. This insulting offer has been rejected by the Union and we are prepared for tough negotiations ahead to ensure that a settlement is reached that reflects your real worth.

The CWU believes an inflation-plus rise is both affordable and justified given BT’s current performance and the contribution made towards this by CWU members.

We will be arranging further meetings with the company and CWU Branches and members will be kept informed of progress.