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BT Pension Review: BTPS (C) in Payment

22 January 2018

In December 2017, BT went to Court to seek a decision on whether it would be possible to change from the Retail Prices Index (RPI) to another index for the purposes of calculating Section C BT Pension Scheme pension increases paid in the future.

The Court has confirmed that it is currently not possible to change from RPI to another index.

The CWU welcomes the news that the uncertainty on this issue has been resolved, and that the Court has upheld the use of the RPI as the relevant index for pension increases in Section C. This is an important judgement that secures the current rights of scheme members.

BT has said that it will now consider the judgment in detail in order to decide next steps, including the possibility of an appeal.

These Court proceedings only relate to Section C members of the BTPS. The relevant index for pension increases for members in Sections A and B of the BTPS remains unchanged as the Consumer Price Index (CPI).