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BT Pension Changes: Implementation Dates

9 April 2018

BT has advised the CWU of a change to the date when the BT Pension Scheme (BTPS) is scheduled to close for future service.

The proposed date of closure is now 30 June 2018 and not the 31 May 2018, as previously announced. This change follows discussions between BT and the BTPS Trustee.

The proposed changes to the BT Retirement Saving Scheme (BTRSS) will go ahead as planned on the 1 June 2018.

BT has also confirmed that it will be sending out further information shortly about the proposed changes in the BTPS and BTRSS.

The proposed changes to the BTPS and BTRSS as well as the associated pay deal are the subject of the proposed Pension and Pay Agreement. This will be the subject of a consultative ballot that will take place shortly.