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CWU Education and Training Centres

20 September 2009

The CWU has an Education and Training centre at Alvescot Lodge, situated on the edge of the Cotswolds twenty miles west of Oxford. The Elstead Classic Hotel, in Bournemouth is also a venue for training courses.

CWU Education and Training Centre Alvescot

Alvescot Lodge

The Lodge is open for residential education and training courses for CWU members throughout the year.

Elstead Hotel

Elstead Hotel

Most training takes place at Alvescot Lodge but the CWU owned Elstead Classic Hotel has training and conference facilities that are also available for other organisations to hire. Members and their families can take advantage of preferential rates to stay at the Elstead. The hotel boasts a superb indoor swimming pool, sauna, gym, full size billiard table and other indoor facilities. For further details please contact the Elstead Hotel.

CWU Learning Centres

Many CWU branches have set up local learning centres with Government funding and help from the employers. Tutors from Further Education Colleges provide free and low cost courses to all CWU members.