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CWU Education and Training Courses

28 March 2009

The CWU runs a wide range of courses for activists and members.

Education and Training courses available at Alvescot Lodge

  • Union Skills I
  • Union Skills II
  • Union Skills III
  • Romec Union Skills I
  • Advanced Skills Part 1
  • Advanced Skills Part 2
  • Advanced Skills Part 3
  • Equal Rights in the CWU Part 1
  • Equal Rights in the CWU Part 2
  • Union Learning Reps Stage I
  • Union Learning Reps Stage II
  • Health and Safety Stage I
  • Health and Safety Stage II
  • Health and Safety Stage III
  • Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (4 weeks)
  • Certificate in Trade Union and Labour Studies
  • Certificate in Employment Law Certificate (4 weeks)

Part-time Degrees by Open and Distance Learning

These courses can lead to a certificate in higher education, a diploma or a full degree. The courses are run by London Metropolitan University.

BT will provide paid release for CWU members attending the above courses.