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Euro Week for Safety and Health at Work

5 August 2009

The theme of the European Safety and Health at Work Week is Risk assessment. This year it will run from 19 - 23 October.

European Safety and Health at Work Week 2008/9 poster

The main aim of this campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of ongoing risk assessment.

Risk Assessment is something that we all do, sometimes without even knowing it, during the course of our everyday lives. But despite this, many of us find it difficult to formalise and apply the risk assessment process in a work situation, , despite it being a requirement since 1993. That is why poor risk assessment continues to remain a major contributor to accidents in the workplace.

A really good risk assessment is about much more than carrying out formal checks before you start your work. Whilst these checks are important, they cannot take account of changes to the situation or environment while you are working. Good risk assessment means that wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, you are regularly scanning your work environment for potential hazards, and ensuring the situation does not present a risk to either yourself, or the people around you.