The CWU is a leading player in developing Lifelong Learning opportunities for our members and their families.

We even have our own dedicated website dealing with the issue at:

The union believes that education can transform the lives of working people for the better and is committed to providing all our members with opportunities to learn.

We have developed a nationwide network of Learning Centres:

  • to provide members with the skills required to negotiate effectively with management and to ensure effective influence on decisions important to members at the workplace;
  • to encourage CWU members to develop their own educational potential in order to better serve the trade union and labour movement.

Education and Learning Officer: James Dunne

CWU Labour and Union Studies Degree

The BA in Trade Union and Labour Studies is unique in offering a chance to study health and safety as a specialism as well as the more traditional legislative, economic and industrial relations modules on the course.

CWU Health and Safety Degree Course

Health and safety is a crucial part of trade union work and one of the key pillars of what our movement is all about. CWU Safety Representatives can now study to degree level with the union.

CWU Education and Training Courses

The CWU runs a wide range of courses for activists and members.