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Openreach Annual Leave (not Service Mgt)

26 March 2012

The National Team have been in discussion with Openreach regarding a number of issues relating to annual leave. A document outlining the changes which will be put in place was sent to team members on 22 March 2012.

In essence the changes cover the following areas:

  • The removal of the ‘single Saturday’ rule. That will mean Saturdays, for leave purposes, will now be a normal working day and bookable up to 12 months in advance.
  • The standard advance booking window (outside the summer leave periods) will be reduced from 15 to 12 months.
  • Between Monday 2 April and Thursday 31 May (2012) all team members will have the opportunity to book a maximum of two weeks summer 2013 leave. After this window it will move to a standard 12 month booking window, removing additional restricted windows.
  • The summer booking window for 2013 will now cover June through Sept and will create the capacity to book across a wider period.

As a result of these changes it is anticipated, that by reducing the levels of `block booking’ and then subsequent cancellations, that the availability of leave will be improved and therefore the allocation will become fairer.

The National Team will, in conjunction with Openreach, be monitoring the effect of these changes in coming months and discussing any issues which may arise.