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Openreach: Network Investment iPOP2

15 September 2012

The National Team met Openreach recently to discuss a change to the way in which iPOP is measured. The change, in essence, is identical to that implemented for the volume teams in the past. Going forward, available working time will be calculated using NJR authorised hours minus absences.

The positive aspects of this change for individuals will be:

  • Lunch removed from the working day.
  • All hours captured including additional time, such as OT and Flex, positive and negative.
  • Accurate recorded hours in line with the managers recorded hours less absences.
  • Night working captured when change over occurs between night and day working.
  • Any unexpected changes to the working day are taken into account (emergency callouts, breakdowns) once NJR data is available.

The NT sought assurances in line with those given previously with regard to those on current performance plans and visibility of the data. Those have been secured as follows:

  • Timeframe for those who would potentially have parallel working on plans that can now extend up to 13 weeks.
  • Visibility of both IPOP measures available to all for a period of 4 weeks.
  • Old data available up to 20 November by request.

In order to assess the progress and impact of the changes a review has been built in to be held in November 2012.