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Openreach: iPhone App - View My Team

26 September 2012

The CWU National Team (NT) met with Openreach recently in order to receive a presentation on improvements to the View My Team application available for OMs on their iPhones. The application (app) allows OMs access to the same information which is currently available via their laptop.

At present, and in line with the Code of Practice (COP), managers can view a time delayed snapshot of the location of a Team Memberís vehicle. The current access, and that given by the iPhone app, does not allow the OM to track vans in real time or the route the van takes between jobs.

The NT raised a concern that due to the ease of access the iPhone app will give OMs, there was the possibility that the information could be misused and be outwith the COP. In order to monitor the usage of the facility by OMs the existing report, which is generated for GMs, will be shared with the SPOCs on a monthly basis by OM patch. The sharing of this data will initially be in place for the first six months from the rollout of the improved app and, in the view of the NT, should become business as usual going forward.

The NT believe that the introduction of the improved app is in line with the Code of Practice but will monitor the usage and outputs on a national basis in conjunction with the Regional view carried out by SPOCs.