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Openreach: Annual Leave Buy Back

20 October 2012

A briefing has been issued in Service Delivery offering individuals the opportunity to ‘buy back’ annual leave. The CWU National Team (NT) was not consulted on this issue and does not agree with the principle of buying back annual leave.

Our members have been through a difficult period in which Contractual Overtime was invoked and have lost precious time with their friends and families in order to assist the company. The time period covered by the offer includes half-term in many parts of the country.

The CWU recognises and support the benefits of a work/life balance and taking annual leave as part of that approach is critical. It has been difficult for members to get annual leave during the past few months so those who have secured that right in the coming weeks should think very carefully before ‘selling’ that entitlement.

There are no guarantees that leave slots will be available going forward when members will be able to get access to time off. We have had no indication as to what approach Openreach will take to those who cannot use all their leave entitlement by the year end. In previous years, unused leave has been lost in many cases.

Time off with friends and family is essential. The CWU NT does not support this initiative and would advise members to consider the full impact of this offer on them personally, before making any commitment.

Openreach is aware of the National Team’s position on this initiative but have chosen not to listen to our concerns voiced on behalf of the members we represent.