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BT Performance Management Survey Results

21 April 2013

More than 10,500 members participated in the survey which is a 30% increase on last yearís excellent participation rate. This excellent response rate underlines the importance that members attach to this area of their employment experience.

Performance Management Worse

The results are an indictment of BTís Performance and Sick Management processes with almost 50% of respondents believing that performance management is worse or much worse than last year and only 6.8% believing there has been improvement. More than three out of four respondents do not believe that their manager makes their own decision on performance management.

Sick Absence Process Getting Worse

On sick absence the vast majority believe there has been no change or that it is getting worse, with more than 60% of respondents believing the triggers are unfair. Once again, more than two out of three respondents do not believe their manager makes their own decisions on sick absence management.

Conference Presentation

There will be a full presentation of these results at this yearís Conference on Tuesday 23 April 2013, followed by a major debate which will determine the unionís policy on Performance and Sick Absence Management in BT. See our Conference pages for a report.