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Openreach: End of Day Flex (Update)

21 August 2013

The National Team (NT) has had the opportunity to review the feedback received from Single Points of Contacts (SPOCs) and Branches and members. It is clear that the changes Openreach intend to implement without agreement are overwhelmingly opposed by CWU members.

The NT has discussed the current position in some detail with the SPOCs and it is evident that there is some misunderstanding amongst our members as a result of some of the briefings on the intended changes.

No Consultation with CWU

The NT wish to make clear to members that the CWU has not been asked to engage in meaningful consultation or negotiation with Openreach. The company has not sought your representatives’ input on the issues. The NT have been presented with the solution and asked to support the changes. The NT have not agreed with, nor do they support the changes they are outside the current Service Delivery Transformation (SDT) agreement which our members supported.

Acceptable Solution within SDT

The SDT agreement was implemented after many months of negotiation. The agreement applies equally to all Team Members in Openreach. The company’s intention to ignore the agreement and our members’ representatives is unacceptable.

The NT is due to meet with Openreach this week and is willing to work with the company to explore possible solutions within the SDT agreement. The team believe there is adequate flexibility within the existing agreement should Openreach choose to follow that option. The National Team have however made clear in correspondence to Openreach that their current approach and the impact on our members is completely unacceptable and that we will oppose the un-agreed changes by every means possible.