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BT Performance Management – Review

5 November 2013

Dr. Nita Clarke, Director of the Involvement and Participation Association, has been appointed by Paul Litchfield to conduct an Independent Review of Management Practices and Wellbeing.

The CWU National Team has now had its first contact with Dr. Nita Clarke and took the opportunity to spell out our concerns about the way Performance Management has been conducted in BT leading up to our recent agreement. Dr. Clarke’s review will initially focus on the UK engineering environment and Openreach in particular. It is intended to have a further meeting with Dr. Clarke which we will endeavour to hold a mixed national team from the Personnel and Openreach National Teams.

It is Dr. Clarke’s intention to conduct focus groups with team members, managers and HR/ER people in separate groups. All comments will be anonymous and confidentiality is assured.

Both the CWU and Prospect have issued this joint statement.

“The establishment of the Independent Review of Management Practices and Wellbeing led by Nita Clarke was a key outcome of the CWU and Prospect’s discussions arising from our members’ concerns about the practice of Performance Management in many parts of BT. Both unions are providing input to the review and are encouraging people to participate openly and honestly and hope that the outcome of the review will help build a more positive working environment and culture”.

The outcome of Dr. Clarke’s review will be shared with the unions.