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Openreach: Ex-NO&TV People Attendance

2 April 2014

The CWU National Team (NT) has been pursuing a review of attendances for those transferred from NOTV to SD Field under the Flexible Attendance Patterns Framework.

A number of meetings have taken place at which the NT have pressed Openreach to apply the terms of the above agreement in line with movements of people which have taken place previously and continue to do so in other parts of the line of business.

Openreach Employee Relations Director, Luke Corkill, has written to the CWU that sets out their current position which unfortunately will not result in that review taking place at present. In his letter Luke says:

We had originally planned to seek to reach agreement with the CWU, on the attendance arrangements for those who transferred, by the end of February 2014. We planned to work to a similar timetable in our discussions with the CWU as our approach to winter working for future years. In my letter to you of 7 March I confirmed that we would not reach agreement on a long term approach for winter working by the end of February and that we would progress those discussions in the coming weeks.

Whilst our future approach to winter working and the attendance arrangements for those who transferred from NO&TV are not mutually dependent they are not unconnected as they both relate to attendance arrangements. Given this, we will also conduct further discussions with the CWU on the attendance arrangements for those who transferred from NO&TV to Service Delivery (Field) with similar timescales to the longer term approach to future winter working.

The NT is extremely disappointed with the lack of progress and will continue to press Openreach to meet the commitment within the SDT agreement and also contained within the letter from the company dated 11 November 2013. The NT also appreciate the frustration felt by both members and Branches at the lack of progress on this issue and can assure you that every effort is being made to resolve the position.