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BT Retail: Holborn - Management Style

7 August 2009

The CWU met with BT Retail on 4 August 2009, to open discussions on Project Holborn - Performance Management/Management Style Strand.

The CWU stated to management that discussions relating to Performance Management and Management Style were a priority to the union and that if BT wanted Project Holborn to succeed and deliver the changed programme that was required then this would be heavily dependent on the outcome and success of the Performance Management and Management Style Strand.

The union has made it clear that we did not intend to make these discussions complicated or protracted, but are seeking for the building blocks and principles that were agreed within Leading the Way booklet, the agreement between the CWU and BT on a more supportive style of management in BT Retail Customer Service, to be re-established and re-emphasised throughout all channels of BT Retail.

The three sections to the agreement cover:

  • Leadership Style
  • Achieving the Balance
  • Raising Contribution

BT accepted this approach and the union is currently awaiting their proposals on a set of principles, methodology and governance that can be delivered on a BT Retail wide basis. It was also agreed that it is important that any current examples of poor management style cases are flagged up to Senior Management.