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BT Operate: Recording External Training

10 June 2011

BT Operate has advised the Union has how they intend to manage their knowledge of the accredited training that BT Operate employees have been taken.

Due to data protection issues, BT Operate currently cannot be informed if an individual has passed or failed any training (including exams) delivered by an external company. This facility does exist for internal e-learning and mandatory training.

Management claim that the absence of this information means they do not have a clear understanding of its skilled resources, or where they sit within the business. Also, where BT is bidding for work in the external market there is often a requirement to identify numbers of people with certain accredited training. Previously, this has not been easy to complete and could potentially impact on BT’s ability to win contracts and grow the business.

Management now have a process to obtain training accreditation, including expiry and re-accreditation. BT Group Legal have agreed a statement which will be included on Route to Learn giving BT permission to be informed of the outcome of training which is required by employees to carry out their roles. If an individual does not agree to this information being provided, then they will be asked to discuss the reasons for this with their Line Manager, however, it is likely that BT will not be minded to spend money on training, where management cannot be certain of realising a return on this investment, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

There will be no change to the accreditation processes operating across BT Operate through the introduction of this ‘tracking’ process. Management state there is a business-as-usual process in place to manage training outcomes and these will be unaffected. It is not clear to the Union as to what these currently are and how this will be used in the new policy/process. Therefore, further information is being sought from the company.